“The Chronicle of the THREE: Armor-Bearer,” by Tabitha Caplinger

I would like to thank Amanda and Tabitha for e-mailing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

“Armor-Bearer,” is Book 2 in a series. The first book is “The Chronicle of THREE: Bloodline.”

This is a Christian fantasy and I enjoyed it. I thought it had one weakness ~ it was to short. I wanted more book. I would say, it’s a novella, just shy of 200 pages. However, that 200 pages certainly offers the reader a clear look at the battle of good against evil.

The author has created a group of good friends who support and encourage one another in times when it is greatly needed. Tabitha has a strength, in her writing, to create and describe the human element.  At times the story is fun, comical, exciting, creepy, surprising and there were a couple of times!!! A couple??? There were several times, in the story, when the unexpected happened. I thought the characters were a little casual in their acceptance of said, unexpected. Of course, our friends were slightly accustomed to seeing the unusual. Slightly???

There wasn’t any profanity or sex. Good story! ****4 stars! Enjoy!


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