1st Book in the Cozy Mystery Challenge

A Pizza To Die For

by Chris Cavender


Well! One thing is certain. Eleanor and her sister eat a LOT of pizza! 🙂

This is the third book in “A Pizza Lovers Mystery.”  The first book is, “A Slice of Murder,” and the second mystery is, “Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder.” 

Eleanor is a young widow. Her and her late husband dreamed of owning their own pizza business. When her husband unexpectedly died, Eleanor continued on with their dream. Rallying her sister for assistance, Eleanor and her ever faithful sibling now run the pizza shop.

In this mystery, competition is opening near Eleanor’s pizza business. That’s right, someone is opening a pizzeria right in her neighborhood. How rude! Hours before the new pizza business is to open, the owner is discovered dead -murdered in his own business. So, Eleanor, being our favorite pizza owning sleuth and her sister, Maddy decide to investigate this evil crime.

I liked it.. I enjoy the four who work at the pizza shop ~Eleanor, Maddie, Greg and Josh. They are supportive of one another, always lending a helping hand and covering one another’s back.

I did solve this mystery. I don’t always solve mysteries though! haha. ****4 cheesy pizza stars!


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