Well that’s a fine way to start the new year . . .

Sigh. Today I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Seriously, I was. But let me back-up. I have a bit of a heart problem. My heart is the #1 reason I am unemployed. I know many people with heart challenges have careers and jobs, but Rick and I discussed it and decided I would stay at home. We didn’t want to put any negative stress on a heart that was already experiencing a small amount of negative stress. I am using words like “bit,” and “small,” because my cardiologist has informed me it is a mild heart condition.

Well . . . it doesn’t feel mild!

I have a good friend who cuts my hair. I love her to pieces. Today I went to see her, so she could cut my hair. When I arrived, I was very sick. The illness was pressure in my chest. I told her I didn’t feel well and I mentioned, I would stop at a small clinic on my return trip home if I needed too. She told me, she knew something was wrong because I was different. Well, I was about 30 minutes from our house. I was probably 10 minutes from the clinic. She cut my hair and as I was leaving I asked her to call the clinic and tell them I was coming. And she did!

When I arrived, they were waiting for me. The doctor was right inside the door. They got an IV going and they started giving me oxygen. They took my blood pressure and pulse and it was HIGH. The doctor told me they would transport me to the heart hospital in an ambulance because their clinic was to small to treat me.

Well, to make a long story short, the paramedics did transport me to the hospital. And I might add, I was surrounded my male paramedics. I hadn’t received that much masculine attention in a long time. haha. Everyone was kind and gentle. I’m scheduled for a stress test in one week.

I have decided to start blogging about this. My cardiologist informs me, I was born with this heart issue. I don’t like it at all. Not at all. Some days I feel great and other days, well . . .

Later today Rick is going to get my car. I left it at the clinic. Right now, it’s nap time. Thanks so much for listening. 🙂



23 thoughts on “Well that’s a fine way to start the new year . . .

  1. So glad so many people were right there for you when you needed them. Are they sure the high blood pressure wasn’t because of all the testosterone around you? 😉 Take care of you! God bless.

  2. Don’t ever hesitate when it comes to your heart! Last time I ended up in the ER it turned out to be stress and overexertion not a repeat of my heart attack but the doctors said they would always be happy to see me even if it turns out to be a false alarm. You only have the one heart so take care of it ❤

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