Stress Test

I have been poked, prodded, pickled, starved, exercised, examined and photographed! There you have it!

The people you meet while you are being poked, prodded, pickled, starved, etc etc etc. . . is  interesting. There was the biker guy, dressed in his biker clothes. He had a long white and grey beard to match his hair. There was a Hutterite couple, who quietly spoke German to one another and then there was the older woman who wanted to meet me because we share the same first name. Not to mention all the nice medical people. They were very nice.

Rick sat in the waiting room most of the time while I was poked, prodded, pickled, starved, exercised, examined and photographed. *harrumph* The good news ~ I could drink water!

The Stress Test went well. My doctor’s nurse practitioner said, everything looked good. Well! Wires protruded from every location of my poor, starved being. I walked casually on a tread mill, then they picked up the speed and hiked up the tread mill and off I went. They did this again and again until my poor, starved being cried for mercy. *ahem* This was after they stabbed me with a large, square needle and took photos of my inner being. I was put on a long, narrow bed type thing and moved through a hole and a big robot went around me in a circle taking photos. The photos were taken by the robot before and after the tread mill incident. The medical people all thought it was funny that I called it a robot. The doctor is looking at everything and I will be informed of the results. Everything did go well. I didn’t have any problems with the stress test at all.



6 thoughts on “Stress Test

  1. Aside from being “poked, prodded, pickled, starved, exercised, examined and photographed,” I’m glad to hear it went well. 🙂 Hope there’s more good news.

  2. I’m glad it went well! I had a stress test done when I was little so I can sympathize with you. I’m glad it wasn’t as intense as yours. God Bless and ur in my prayers. -Anne

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