“Smugglers and Scones” by Morgan C. Talbot

~Moorehaven Mysteries #1~

What an adventure! The story takes place on the coast of Oregon and I liked the location. A lighthouse was mentioned, off and on, throughout the book, and each time it was mentioned, I pictured the abandoned structure, located on a cliff where it would send out a warning, when ships depended on these lighthouses to keep them safe from rocky coastlines. I am so into lighthouses!

I loved the bed and breakfast with it’s very interesting guests who frequented the inn, not to mention Pippa and her uncle, the proprietors. The bed and breakfast was owned by Raymond Moore, a famous author. Guests who stay at the b & b must be authors writing their own novels. When Moore passed away Pippa’s uncle inherited the establishment. Well, one fateful night, a boat is washed ashore and a good-looking man (Lake), survives the wreck and becomes the guest of the historic b & b. Shortly after the wreckage is pulled out of the sea, a body is discovered in the boat and our good-looking survivor is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

As my neighbor would say, never in all my born days. This book is well-written and what an adventure! My my my! It moves along at a great pace. I read the first forty (40) pages without stopping! There are a few instances in the story where it is hard to put the book down, or in my case, step away from the computer. And Pippa has some interesting friends, to say the least. My favorite was Tyleen, her and her binoculars! Of course, all the characters are a bit quirky, check out Sebastian. Mmm? There is some mild profanity in the story and there are a couple of brief adult conversations. And, Pippa and Lake need to slow down a bit, they just met!

I did not solve the mystery.

I give **** 4 stars to the entire story, however, I give ***** 5 stars to the cozy mystery adventure!!!

I’d like to thank the author for e-mailing her book to me in exchange for an honest review! Good book.



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