Cozy Mystery Challenge

The fourth (4th) book in the cozy mystery challenge is paranormal, but I don’t read much paranormal, so I did the switcheroo. We can switch one category. This can only be done one time. 🙂 So, I read ~


“Just Killing Time,” by Julianne Holmes.

“Horology is the art and/or science of measuring time.”

Ruth’s grandfather was a master clock maker. He owned his own clock shop and was an important and much loved member of the community. Well, Grandfather was discovered dead and the police are treating it as a homicide. Ruth has been living in Boston and when her grandfather passes away, Ruth inherits her beloved grandfather’s clock shop, the Cog & Sprocket. After she moves into the apartment above the shop, Ruth soon finds herself entangled in the mystery of her grandfather’s death.

I liked it. I enjoyed reading about the clock shop and all the different clocks. I’m a clock person. I own my very own cuckoo clock. *ahem* Anyway, Orchard, Massachusetts is the setting for this time worthy read. 🙂 I liked the town. The community has it’s problems, but I thought it was a friendly community with lottsa character.



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