“Blown Away,” by Clover Tate


In the cozy mystery challenge we can choose a “freebie,” one cozy of our own choice, so I chose “Blown Away,” by Clover Tate. And! I am happy to say, it’s a good cozy mystery. 5*****stars! And it is the first in the series!

Emmy has started her kite business! She lives on the coast of Oregon. She’s an artist and she designs her own kites. Her business is colorful and I want to work for her! 🙂 I loved this cozy mystery. The kite business is fresh for a cozy, unique and I enjoyed reading about kites, color and art. I never thought about it, but there is science in constructing a kite! Fun! But, I digress. Emmy and her dog find a body on the beach when out for a walk. Well, bad turns to worse when her best friend and roommate Avery is arrested for the murder. Emmy is determined to prove her friend is innocent and sets out upon said pursuit.

Emmy is a good character. She’s smart, artistic and she has fortitude and strength in her.

I thought this was a good mystery. It held my attention and I kept talking to Rick about it, trying to process through all the clues to determine the identity of the killer. It was great reading and so much fun. I hope I can get to know Avery better in the second book. Because of her arrest she was depressed and in jail for most of the story, but I did like her and hope to see more of her in future books.

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