February Rereads!

As many of you know, one of my goals for 2017 is to reread books I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Here are the February rereads ~


“The Poet and the Pauper,” by George MacDonald is two books. “The Baronet’s Song,” is the first book and “The Shepherd’s Castle,” is the second book. The quote is from “The Shepherd’s Castle.”

“As he walked, the scents the wind brought him from the field and gardens and moor seemed sweeter than before, for they were seeking to comfort him.”


“The Mysterious Affair at Styles,” by Agatha Christie is Poirot’s first case.

“For about ten minutes he sat in dead silence, perfectly still, except for several expressive motions of his eyebrows, and all the time his eyes grew steadily greener.”


I love “The Horse and His Boy,” by C.S. Lewis. Every time I read it, I have a big smile on my face at the end of the story. 🙂

“Daughter,” said the Hermit, “I have now lived a hundred and nine winters in this world and have never met any such thing as Luck. There is something about all this that I do not understand: but if ever we need to know it, you may be sure that we shall.”


6 thoughts on “February Rereads!

  1. I have read the Christie one more than once. Though I have never read this specific George Mcdonalds book, I have read others I have of his more than once. My daughter has read the Narnia set a couple of times. Great list.

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