Classic Movie Friday!

~ The Lady Vanishes (1938)

Margaret Lockwood

Michael Redgrave

Dame May Whitty

The Lady Vanishes (1938):

As the result of an avalanche, a train’s departure is delayed and several travelers in Europe are thrown together at an inn in the mountains. Just before the train is finally able to depart, Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) is hit on the head. A sweet older lady, Miss Froy, (Dame May Whitty) offers to care for the injured Iris Henderson while they are traveling on the train. Miss Henderson takes a nap on the train. When she wakes up Miss Froy has vanished. Iris Henderson shows great stamina and courage as she tries to find her older new friend and has a difficult time trying to convince the passengers on the train of Miss Froy’s existence.

This is a Hitchcock movie and I loved it! I really liked the ending! 🙂

Have you seen “The Lady Vanishes?” Did you enjoy it?


7 thoughts on “Classic Movie Friday!

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. This is one of my favourite Hitchcock films, it’s funny, suspenseful and keeps you guessing up to the end. I love Michael’s character in this. Margaret Lockwood is an actress who should be much better known today.

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