Little Letters | Edition #24

Break Every Chain is wonderful.

She Laughs With Dignity

Dear Break Every Chain:
First off, I be crying every time I hear you 😆. Any one with me? But it’s ministered to my heart in deep ways recently and I’m thankful for the Truth of the song. There is power in the name of Jesus!

Dear Remember The Titans,
I will never not love you. I watched you again this weekend and still laugh, still cry and you remain one of my favorites.

Dear Funfetti Cake,
Your calories don’t count right?

Dear Tampa,
Can we talk about the amount of humidity you have during winter? Why do you hate curly hair so much?!

Dear Blog,
I promise I didn’t skip the last two weeks on purpose. Some blog posts are hard to post (and write). People are feisty and a lot of topics have brought so much division inside the church, I’ve not only been shocked, but I’ve been…

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