Screwball Comedy!

I have discovered, I like screwball comedy! 🙂 I didn’t really know the exact definition of screwball comedy, so I googled it. I knew they were fast-paced, hilarious, rambunctious, always seemed to involve unwanted romance and said comedies had a happily, though hilarious, ever after ending.

According to google screwball comedy is ~

” a movie, a Hollywood comedy of the 1930’s, featuring the amusing antics of appealing characters in a glamorous world.”

Wiki tells us ~

“a female that dominates the relationship with the male central character, whose masculinity is challenged.” Mmm.

“fast paced repartee”

“farcical situations”

“escapist themes”

“plot lines involving courtship and marriage”

One of my favorite screwball comedies is ~ “Bringing Up Baby.” Oh yes, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant star in this crazy comedy. They meet on a golf course, of all places! Cary Grant is engaged to another woman and Katherine Hepburn wants to marry Cary Grant. A merry chase is the result of said meeting!

Bringing Up Baby: Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant:

Recently, I watched for the first time, “My Man Godfrey.” Oh! My! Word! If that isn’t a merry chase . . .

My Man Godfrey: William Powell and Jean Dixon:

Wiki has a list of screwballs that I have not seen! Nice. I look forward to viewing them.

Have you seen any screwball comedies? If you have, which are your favorites?


7 thoughts on “Screwball Comedy!

  1. The 39 Steps, I was a Male War Bride, His Girl Friday, Lysistrata, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, but my all time favorite is The Importance of Being Earnest.

  2. I ADORE BOTH OF THESE! I also love It Happened One Night, Calamity Jane, Pillow Talk … And so many more but I can’t name them as I’ve just awoken and my brain is as slow as sludge 🙂

  3. I havent watch any screwball for a awhile my last classic movie was Debbie Reynolds and Tammy oh what delight, but I have my all time favourites not particularly screwball but charming none the less is Mrs Miniver, any Doris Day movie i believe she had the best voice around aside from Julie Andrews and maybe a few others. I love movies especially the classics, they don’t know how to make em like that anymore.

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