Classic Movie Friday!

The Rage Of Paris (1938)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Danielle Darrieux

Mischa Auer

Louis Hayward

Helen Broderick

The Rage of Paris -a virtually unknown classic! With the great Douglas Fairbanks Jr.:

Nicole (Danielle Darrieux) has fallen upon hard times. She can’t find a job and she can’t pay her rent. The landlady is throwing her out! How rude! Nicole’s good friend Gloria (Helen Broderick) thinks of a plan for Nicole to marry a rich man, Bill Duncan (Louis Hayward). Bill’s best friend, Jim Trevor (Douglas Fairbanks Jr) knows Nicole is marrying for money and tries to save his friend. Comedy ensues! 🙂 Honey, I say, marry Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Oops? Did I say that out loud??? He is sure easy on the eyes! 🙂 Of course, Bill Duncan ain’t bad. *ahem*

Well, the ending of this film is predictable, but I enjoyed it. It’s comical.


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