Cozy Mystery!

28595966 Well! Recently, I listened to the second book in this series, “Tea With Milk and Murder.”  I gave it five *****stars on goodreads. Now, I have read the first book, “A Scone to Die for.”  It was actually very amusing. Ha. Ha. I chuckled most of the way through the book. The series is called, “Oxford Tearoom Mystery.”

Gemma, owner of Little Stables Tearoom, is thrust into a murder investigation, by her own choice, when a brash American is discovered dead with a scone stuffed in his mouth. The author transports the reader to England where said reader meets some interesting, but lovable characters. Just to name a few, there are the four “old biddies,” which is sure to leave a smile on your face and Gemma’s mother! OH! MY! WORD! I love Gemma’s mother, I do. However, if she was my mother, she would be driving me crazy!!! 🙂 As my neighbor would say, never in all my born days!!! Then of course, there’s Gemma, our amateur sleuth and her best friend Cassie, her chef Fletcher, a good looking doctor and a hunky Detective.

So, if you like an amusing cozy with a good mystery, this might be the book for you. 4 ****stars.

Happy Reading!



8 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery!

  1. I need to get this book! The very idea of dying with a scone in my mouth makes me willing to go! And the term “old biddies” is one my parents used all the time.

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