March Rereads! Great Month for Reading!


“He did not see how Clementina’s eyes shone as she gazed at the vault of stars in the heavens. She knew that Malcolm was near her, but she would not speak, she would not break the peace. Then softly woke a murmur of sound that strengthened and grew and swelled at last into a song. She feared to stir lest she should interrupt its flow.”  ~ The Marquis’ Secret

“Malcolm,” by George MacDonald is two books in one. The first book is “The Fisherman’s Lady,” and the second book is “The Marquis’ Secret.”

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“The very faint anxiety which underlay his tone did not escape the astute ears of Miss Prudence Cowley, known to her intimate friends for some mysterious reason as Tuppence.” ~ The Secret Adversary

I love Tommy and Tuppence! “The Secret Adversary,” by Agatha Christie is a Tommy and Tuppence Mystery!

“Elsewhere, I have described Hercule Poirot. An extraordinary little man! Height, five feet four inches, egg-shaped head carried a little to one side, eyes that shone green when he was excited, stiff military moustache, air of dignity immense! He was neat and dandified in appearance.” ~The Murder on the Links

“Murder on the Links,” is a Poirot mystery. A man is found dead on the golf course after sending Poirot a letter requesting his assistance.


“I kept my word, and went down daily to the bay. Sometimes the dolphin came, though never near enough for me to touch him, and, although I knew that for the animal’s own sake I ought to try to frighten him and drive him away, his friendly presence delighted me so much that I couldn’t bring myself to what would seem an act of betrayal.” ~This Rough Magic

Lucy travels to Corfu to visit her pregnant sister. After arriving she soon finds herself in the midst of a mystery.

Happy Reading!


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