Pants! A True Story!

Yesterday I was at the post office. I stood behind a man who was probably in his late 30’s. We didn’t speak to one another. When his turn came, he walked over to the postal worker who was available. As he was speaking to said postal worker, unexpectedly, his pants fell down!!! That’s right, you read that correctly! His pants fell down, hit the floor, dropped to his ankles!!! He didn’t say anything. He bent down, grabbed his pants and pulled them up, settling them around his waist.

I was stunned/shocked silent! I think I might never recover! haha!

Have you ever seen something unique/unusual/ridiculous/odd as you journeyed forth from your home??? I’d like to hear from you.


14 thoughts on “Pants! A True Story!

  1. 😳. Oops….what a sight. Poor guy must have been so embarrassed.
    Many, many years ago when I worked in corporate America in NYC, I was attending a Management class offsite. We were in a large conference room, seated around the very large conference room table. The instructor was teaching. Well, there was a middle-aged, heavyset man leaning back in his chair listening. While we were all watching the instructor and taking notes we heard a loud thump. The man’s chair (the business-type chair with the wheels) fell backwards and all we could see was the chair’s wheels and the man’s shoe-clad feet. You could hear a pin drop in the room as everyone sat astonished. We waited for the guy to get up, right his chair, and sit back down. I was trying to suppress a laugh so badly I thought I might explode!! (I was young and silly.) He was okay, except perhaps for a bruised ego.

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