Classic Movie Friday!

M jak morderstwo / Dial M for Murder (1954, Alfred Hitchcock) #GraceKelly #RobertCummings #RayMilland:

Dial “M” For Murder (1954)

Grace Kelly

Ray Milland

Robert Cummings

Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) is a former pro tennis player. He plots and schemes to murder his wife, Margot (Grace Kelly). Talk about pre-meditated!!! Well, things don’t go as planned and he has to do some quick thinking ~ enter plan B.

This is a Hitchcock Film.

This movie is so good!!! I was so into this film! As I watched and listened to Tony (Ray Milland) carry out his plan to murder his wife I was feeling everything one feels when watching a good suspense film. As the film progressed, I kept thinking something has to give. His wife is innocent and he’s a rat, something has to give. He just can’t get away with this! I don’t want to create any spoilers, but there is a good Chief Inspector (John Williams). He’s not blind to what’s happening around him.  Really good movie! 🙂

Without a doubt, a favorite!


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