Cozy Mystery Challenge!

I’m a little tired, so I’m not sure how this will go. There are ten sub–genres in the cozy mystery challenge and Level 2 was reading one mystery in each sub-genre. Well! YAY! I finished my last cozy in the ten! However, I’m not finished. I still need to read ten cozy mysteries of my choice.

The final sub-genre, I read, was one holiday based cozy (set during any holiday ~ Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc).

Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen by Vicki Delany


Rudolph, New York is all about Christmas. They live, breath, eat and sleep Christmas. Merry Wilkinson owns her own Christmasy business and enters a float in the Christmas parade. Well, the season begins to run amuck when the tractor pulling her float in the Christmas Parade doesn’t start. And then, to make matters worst, a man is found dead in the snow one night.

Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen was a nice holiday mystery. It wasn’t captivating, it didn’t grab me, it was a nice Christmasy read.

There were a few characters who captured my interest. I like Merry’s parents. Her dad was the town’s Santa Claus and the former mayor. He was an intelligent man and had some good ideas and comments to make in the story.

Merry’s mother was a former diva in the opera. She no longer performs in said opera, however, she teaches voice lessons to anyone who wants to learn to sing.

I also liked Detective Simmons. She didn’t jump to conclusions. She listened to people and patiently did her job.

Overall, I liked the story. 4****stars.

Happy Reading!


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