Maisie Dobbs


Well! I’m not sure what I want to say about this book, but I’ll give it a try.

Georgina Bassington-Hope asks Maisie Dobbs to investigate the death of her twin brother, Nicholas. The authorities have ruled it an accident, but Georgina isn’t convinced it was an accident.

First, I’d like to say, I like Maisie Dobbs. I’m a fan! That’s right, I am. If you look at the reviews on goodreads, not everyone is a fan. Not at all. I think she’s fascinating. She’s the daughter of a costermonger. I don’t want to go into her entire history, but she had an interesting education and she served as a nurse during World War I. Now she is an investigator/psychologist. She investigates interesting cases and they all seem to lead back to the war at some level.

Billy is Maisie’s assistant and he is wonderful. He is always willing to help Maisie in any way he can and I think it would take Maisie twice as long to investigate and solve her cases if it wasn’t for Billy. He’s worth his weight in gold!

I’m reading or listening to the books in order and this is the fourth book. I liked it. I gave it five stars on goodreads. However, my favorite at this time is “Birds of A Feather.” That will probably change as I continue to read her books.

Happy Reading!




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