My Favorite Place ~

Good Day! 🙂 We live in a moderately size city and in our humble town, we have what is called, The Outdoor Campus. It’s my favorite place in the city. It’s really for children, but since I am a child at heart, I love it and I go there whenever I can.

There are archery lessons for children.

Canoeing lessons. Yes, they do have a small lake or pond. It has fish and turtles and ducks.  I love it there.

They have a garden with healthy plants and flowers

There is a hiking trail. We have seen deer from the trail.

We went to the Outdoor Campus yesterday after church and strolled around. I’m going to share photos, but the photos are from last year.  I’ll take more photos in a couple of weeks. Enjoy!


This is the amazing garden. Everything is hands on for children.


I love butterflies!


It’s beautiful here. I love it.


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