Cozy Mystery Challenge!


“Clock and Dagger,” by Julianne Holmes

“A Clock Shop Mystery”

This is the second book in the series.

Ruth is busy with the re-opening of the Cog and Sprocket, the clock shop she inherited from her beloved grandfather when he passed away. Beckett Green, the owner of the bookstore is trying to take Ruth’s new employee, Mark Pine, away from her clock business. Kim Gray, the town manager seems to have a never ending amount of tricks up her sleeves to make Ruth’s life miserable. It doesn’t get any better when Ruth discovers her new employee, Mark, dead. He’s been murdered! Very Rude!

I like the clock shop mysteries. Just Killing Time, was the first book in the series and I’ve enjoyed both of them. The author has created a cast of characters with a strong sense of community and good friendships. I think this is a unique series. *****5 stars!

Happy Reading!


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