Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (2017)

Gal Gadot

Chris Pine

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman - Chris Pine and Gal Gadot.:

Well! To be perfectly honest, I am speechless. Rick and I saw Wonder Woman and I’m still shaking from watching it. It was fun, comical, serious, scary, disturbing, sad and victorious! I felt every feeling I have while I watched the film. I ducked in my seat when she used her sword. I shrunk back during explosions. It was amazing.

Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) did a wonderful job of acting. I really liked his performance as Steve Tevor.

Gil Gadot was a strong warrior and fearsome as Wonder Woman, while at the same time, she was compassionate, tender and loving.

Something was wrong with the German military uniforms, but I am no expert and that is very small in the scheme of things, so I won’t dwell on it.



3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. Really looking forward to seeing this one! Not sure if I’ll get to it while it’s in theaters, but either way, I’ll see it eventually. 🙂

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