Finished the Cozy Mystery Challenge!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I just finished the Cozy mystery Challenge for 2017! YAY! I read twenty cozy mysteries! The first ten were specific sub-genres and the second ten were cozies of our own choosing. Here I’ve listed the ten of my own choosing. The first four mysteries are my favorites! 🙂


“An Act of Murder,” by Mary Angela. (A Professor Prather Mystery) This is one of my favorites! I’m looking forward to the second cozy in this series!


“Clock and Dagger,” by Julianne Holmes. (Clock Shop Mystery #2) Another Favorite!


“Smugglers and Scones,” by Morgan C. Talbot (Moorehaven Mysteries #1) Favorite!


“Iced Under,” by Barbara Ross (A Maine Clambake Mystery) Favorite!

“Tea With Milk and Murder,” by H. Y. Hannah (Oxford Tearoom Mystery #2)

“A Scone To Die For.” by H. Y. Hannah (Oxford Tearoom Mystery #1)

“Caught Read-Handed,” by Terrie Farley Moran (A Read ‘Em and Eat Mystery #2)

“Sowed to Death,” Peg Cochran (Farmer’s Daughter Mystery #2)

“The Iced Princess,” by Christine Husom (Snow Globe Shop Mystery #2)

Happy Reading! 🙂



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