Broken Wing

Good morning! This is Rick (Kathy’s husband). It’s nice to meet you! Kathy fell and broke her wrist. There is a chance she’ll need surgery. We’ll know in one week. Kathy won’t be blogging for a few weeks. She is in some pain, because a ghost pushed her off the street curb and caused her to break her wrist. Really, we were at the Gloe Psychriatric Museum,Β  a hospital for the mentally ill back in the 18th & 19th century- you should’ve seen the weird stuff there- it looked like torture equipment from the middle ages. It was weird to see the kitchen next to the morgue??????? So Kathy made the ghost unhappy so it pushed her off the curb?? The pain in her arm is better today, but it will take approximately 6 weeks to heal. I’ll try to keep you informed. Thanks.


15 thoughts on “Broken Wing

  1. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear about Kathy. Please tell her Laurie of Cozynookbks will be praying for her, and that I hope she heals up quickly. Thank you so much for letting us know.

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