The Cast Is Gone!!!


YAY! Rick took that photo two or three days ago. The cast is in the trash. I didn’t want to keep it.  🙂 The doctor reports the x-ray looks great. He put me in a removable brace to wear when I leave the house. In the house I don’t need it. I’m not wearing it right now. Tomorrow morning I start physical therapy.

Now, I can start blogging again. I have a considerable amount of catch up blogging to do. I will do my best NOT to blog more than once a day.

First I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of you. Thank-you for all your kind words, prayers and encouragement! I appreciate it very much.

My husband was amazing during my time of trial. He cooked all the meals. He did all the laundry. He tied my shoes and helped me whenever I required assistance. He is awesome! He says, “I’m always amazing!” *ahem*

Now you might ask, how did you break your wrist? Thank-you for asking.


Rick and I packed our bags and drove to St. Joseph, Missouri. We planned this trip weeks earlier and we were meeting a friend at Simply Tea. It’s a tea shop and a shabby little restaurant with GREAT food and loose leaf tea and accessories. It’s a great place to eat. I bought two bags of loose leaf tea before we left.

After we left the tea shop, we visited Glore Psychiatric Museum. After we toured the museum, we walked around outside. I stepped up onto the grass to take a photo of the outside of the building.


Rick went inside the museum to ask directions and our friend turned her back for one second. I took a step and somehow misjudged the curb and came crashing down onto the pavement. On the way down, I was afraid I was going to hit my head on the concrete so I put my right hand out flat to prevent a head injury and I broke my wrist.

The moment I broke the bone there wasn’t any pain. It surprised me. The pain came a few minutes later. With help, I managed to stand and we walked into the museum to get ice. I knew my wrist was broken. No doubt at all! By the time they brought me ice, the pain came and I was suffering, so we started out for the hospital. The trip to the hospital took forever. We were in a strange town and asked three times for directions. I think it was finally SIRI who told us how to get to the hospital. By the time we arrived at the emergency room, I scurried into the ER and said, “I think I broke my wrist and it hurts like the dickens!”

For some reason my poor broken wrist attracted a lot of attention. It seemed there was a steady stream of medical people coming in to my room to take a gander and talk to me. It was touch and go for awhile. they thought I might need surgery so they contacted an orthopedic surgeon. He cleared me to go home, so they put me in a splint.

Rick and I had reservations at a bed & breakfast, so when I was released from the ER we drove to the b & b. I’ll share a few photos of the b & b tomorrow.

Much love,





8 thoughts on “The Cast Is Gone!!!

  1. Awesome! I totally know how good it feels to get that ichy hard rock off your arm! The first thing I did was scratch my arm! 😉 God bless and quick recovery!

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