Mary Angela ~

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Hi everyone. I hope you are in your favorite comfy spot reading a good book.  🙂

Thursday evening I went to our local library and heard Mary Angela speak. She wrote “An Act of Murder,” and “Passport to Murder.” Using PowerPoint to assist her, she told us about the cozy mystery genre and how her books fit into the cozy mystery genre. She did read quotes from her books and she told us she is working on her third cozy mystery. She’s a pleasant person and she answered questions at the end of her talk. I didn’t take any photos. I thought her presentation was fun and she kept my attention.

I did read both of her books and I enjoyed them. She writes the Professor Prather Mysteries. Emmeline Prather is an English professor at a college in Copper Bluff, South Dakota and our amateur sleuth in the mysteries. If you enjoy mysteries, specifically cozy mysteries, you might enjoy these. I gave both books 5***** stars on goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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