Color Me Murder, by Krista Davis


Color Me Murder, by Krista Davis is the first in a new series. Florrie Fox, an artist, is our amateur sleuth in this cozy mystery. She manages a bookstore owned by the adventurer, Professor John Maxwell. Unfortunately, the Professor’s nephew, Delbert, is discovered dead, murdered under a trap door at the bookstore. Well! The Professor is arrested for the nefarious crime and Florrie, knowing the Professor is innocent, must snoop around and discover who killed Delbert.

Florrie certainly has her hands full in this story, sleuthing, keeping the bookstore open, avoiding Norman. What? You might ask, who’s Norman??? ah ha! You’ll need to read the book.

I liked Florrie and I loved the descriptions of her artwork!  I liked many of the characters in this story. There was Jim the homeless man. He was a sweetheart and so alert to his surroundings. I liked the Professor Goldblum, Bankhouse and Zsazsa Rosca. Jacquie was especially interesting! And of course, the Sergeant with blue eyes, I mean really, what’s not to like??? All of these characters, an interesting murder, a woman in hiding, a wonderful bookstore and a mansion with a carriage house. I really liked it! 4**** stars! I am looking forward to the next Pen & Ink Mystery!  🙂

Happy Reading!


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