Fort Ransom, North Dakota

Hi Peoples! Here we are! Arriving at Fort Ransom. *I think, if you click on the photo it will be bigger.* Of course, I wanted to hike a trail right away. We went to the Ranger building. And, I want to say, all the Rangers and park workers were so nice. They were friendly, informative and helpful. They were curious about us. The park is well-maintained. The Ranger building *below* is new. Visitors check in at the building. They have a gift shop inside. And, of course, whenever Rick and I camp, we forget something. We forgot our tent! We laughed so hard when we realized we didn’t have our tent. No worries. The back of our vehicle folds down flat, so we slept in the car at a tent campsite.

Fort Ransom has GOOD hiking trails! Below is the White Tail Trail. This was my favorite trail. It was heavily wooded, with a soft ground and we saw white-tail deer among the trees.

The Sheyenne River runs through the park. It rained a considerable amount of the time we were at Fort Ransom. Our shoes were muddy and wet most of the time.

The park has horseback riding, canoes, interpretive trails, ATV trails, Ranger talks at amphitheaters. During the winter the park offers snowshoes, snowmobiling, and skiing.

So many people I talk to don’t like North Dakota, they say, there isn’t anything to do in North Dakota. Oh my word! I so disagree. Every time I visit North Dakota I have such a good time. There is so much to do there, so many people to meet and talk to. It’s always a different adventure. I’ll post more photos tomorrow. Blessings and adventure!

Much love ~



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