Fort Ransom State Park, North Dakota ~ continued

Hello Peoples! I have a few more photos of our amazing visit to Fort Ransom State Park, North Dakota.  🙂  If you would like to see the photos I posted yesterday, just scroll down.  🙂

This is a Yurt. A Yurt is new to me. Fort Ransom State Park has two Yurts and visitors to the park can rent them. Have you ever heard of a Yurt, lived, or stayed temporarily in one?

This is a house visitors can rent at Fort Ransom State Park. When Rick and I arrived at Fort Ransom, there was a BIG family staying at the house. It looked like a family reunion! They had a camp fire burning and were enjoying themselves. They had several children.

As you can see, the views from the top of these hiking trails are wonderful!

I rarely use the zoom on our camera. Rick asked me to use the zoom and try to capture a photo of this bird. I was surprised the photo turned out as well as it did. The state park borders farms, so we saw several fences around Ransom informing hikers where Ransom ends and a farm begins.

I would like to return to Fort Ransom in the winter. I would really enjoy walking around in snowshoes and hiking in the snow. Hopefully, we will visit in the winter. Enjoy!

Much love ~



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