The Legacy by Michael Phillips


The Legacy is the third book in the Secrets of the Shetland Series. I did read all three books in this series and I enjoyed them all. In the first book, Loni Ford lives in America, when she is contacted by an attorney informing her she has an inheritance in the Shetland Islands. She travels to the Shetlands to Whales Reef. Her life changes forever. However, there are struggles and challenges along the way and choices to be made.

I enjoyed meeting and getting to know Loni, David (David was my favorite character), and the people of Whales Reef. Upon her arrival to the community she soon falls in love with the people of the Shetlands and the land. In The Legacy, there is a murder and David’s cousin Hardy is arrested for the crime. A friendly, personable stranger arrives in the community refusing to reveal why he has arrived at Whales Reef, but asking plenty of questions especially about the murder and the man jailed for the crime.

It was interesting and enjoyable reading letters and journals from ancestors. And! I appreciated all the information about the Quakers.  🙂

I recommend all three books in the series and they should be read in order. 5 ***** stars!

The Inheritance   The Cottage

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