Poisoned Pages by Lorna Barrett


“Tricia decides to host a housewarming party to show off both her new home and her new cooking skills — Chef Tricia has cooked all of the food herself! Proud of her achievements, Tricia is having a great time mingling with her guests — until one of them swiftly falls ill and dies. What looks like an unfortunate accident is declared a poisoning by the police. Tricia and her sister, Angelica, know that her cuisine was not to blame — so who brought death to the party?” ~Berkley Prime Crime

I thought it was interesting that, at the beginning of the mystery, a man is found guilty of second-degree murder and is sentenced to prison. Tricia was the star witness during the trial. The guilty party is not happy with the sentencing ~ to say the least.

Tricia, also known as a jinx, owns the mystery bookstore and she’s running for president of the Chamber of Commerce, against two less than qualified opponents. I personally don’t believe in a jinx! I believe that the characters who called her a jinx were rude! *ahem* And! I would have voted for her.  🙂

Meanwhile, the town of Stoneham is busy trying to discover who is vandalizing their property. And! Tricia’s sister Angelica is being blackmailed.

When I started reading this mystery I was a little confused. This is number twelve in the Booktown Mystery series and I’ve never read any of these cozies! I believe in reading a series in order and this one should be read in order.  🙂  Having said that, as I continued reading, the characters and the mystery started clearing up. By the time I finished reading the book, I liked it. I was especially concerned about Angelica. I don’t think it’s fun being blackmailed and she hadn’t done anything wrong. I was curious to learn the identity of the blackmailer. Overall, I liked the book and I will start this series at the beginning. 4 **** stars!

A BIG thank-you to Berkley Prime Crime for sending this book to me. It came right to my doorstep. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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