The Ebony Swan by Phyllis A. Whitney


After the tragic death of her mother, Susan’s father and grandmother argue. Susan’s dad pack’s their bags, leaves Virginia and moves himself and his daughter west. Many years later, Susan’s father has passed away and she travels to Virginia to meet the family she doesn’t really remember and to find answers into the death of her mother.

As I read this story, I got a strange sense of de ja vu. I am certain I have read this story in the past. I checked goodreads and discovered I didn’t document my previous reading of the book there, so I think I read it before I joined goodreads?

This book is so well written and well crafted. Such great atmosphere and secretive characters. Mystery. Suspense. Romance. A great read.

I thought Susan’s grandmother was a strong, formidable woman. She was a ballerina when she was much younger and her memories of dancing are fascinating ~ to be sure. There are interesting glimpses of Susan’s late grandfather’s life in Peru and what brought him to America while at the same time sharing his life experiences in the United States.

I didn’t like Theresa, Susan’s cousin. I thought she was mean, spiteful and brazen.

The author created a intriguing story and I enjoyed it. 5***** stars!



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