Classic Movie Friday!

Jack Lemmon (surrounded by William Powell and Henry Fonda) grabbed the "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar for his role in the classic 1955 comedy, "Mister Roberts."

Mister Roberts (1955)

Henry Fonda   William Powell   Jack Lemmon   James Cagney

Toward the end of World War II, The Captain (James Cagney) is the commanding officer of a cargo ship. He’s an overbearing tyrant of a man.  Mr. Roberts (Henry Fonda) is trying to keep the crew together while the captain bellows and is impossible to deal with. The crew is in desperate need of shore leave, but the captain won’t allow it, so the ship sits in the harbor in the Pacific, while the men are in dire need of shore leave. The doctor (William Powell) has the task of treating every manner of phony disease the men can think up.  Mr. Roberts eventually makes a deal with the captain so the men can go ashore and the guys do enjoy their shore leave ~ a little to wild for my taste!!! But I think the point of the story was, Mr. Roberts was willing to sacrifice his own desire to take care of the crew. At the end of the film, the crew helps Mr. Roberts get his desired position.

This wasn’t my type of film. Rick recommended it. Mmm. I was a little lost during the first half of the movie. I couldn’t tell where the story was going at all. By the time the film ended, I think I did get it. This isn’t a chick flick at all.

Has anyone seen this film? What are your thoughts???


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