Mistletoe Murder by Leslie Meier


Mistletoe Murder is the first Lucy Stone Mystery! A few weeks ago I read, French Pastry Murder and decided to start at the beginning! I really enjoyed this first mystery and I’m going to continue to read the series. Lucy Stone is working nights at, Country Cousins. She’s experiencing some difficulty staying awake and decides to take a short walk in the cold, winter air. While she is outside, she discovers Sam Miller dead in his automobile, apparently suicide. The authorities soon discover he was murdered. So begins the investigation into Sam’s unfortunate death.

I loved Lucy Stone and her family. She has a son named, Toby! Isn’t that the cutest name for a boy!!! I love his name.  🙂  I thought the story was a lighthearted, fun read with amusing family time and fun girl talk with Lucy and her friends. Lucy’s husband is a light-hearted fun guy. And! I don’t know if Lucy will continue to pursue it, but she has discovered an area in their town which could use some help. I didn’t really try to solve the mystery, but I had a few suspects. I wasn’t surprised when all was revealed. 4 **** stars!

Tippy Toe Murder is next in the series!



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