Blue Sky Smiling

Good morning Peoples. I haven’t participated in a tag in a long time, so I thought I would get involved in this one! Run on over and meet Belinda at themomfred! She’s great.  🙂 Thanks Belinda!

Belinda joined in on this meme from


~ Use the BLUE SKY banner Rachel Ritchey designed.

~ Mention the person who tagged you. That would be themomfred. She tagged anyone who is interested. I decided I was interested.  🙂

~You need to ask the eleven (11) questions set by the tagger.

~You will need to make up eleven (11) original, funny or interesting questions for those you tag.

~You need to tag 11 people.

Belinda’s questions ~

1.) Which would it be if you had to pick, books or movies?

Yes!  🙂  Sometimes I enjoy a good movie. I watch MANY classic films. I also enjoy a good book! That’s a tough one. Mmmm???

2.) If you used Facebook or it’s ilk, did you like your friends and family better before, or after, they accepted your friend request?

It’s been so long since I’ve been on Facebook. I did enjoy reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen or lost touch with for a long time. That was the fun on Facebook. Another good question.

3.) If you could time travel, where would you go and why?

I would love to arrive in America for the first time, with the first settlers, and see this great land so early in our history.

I would travel to World War II, join the resistance, and help out in any way I could. Scary time, but everyone was scared.

4.) Would you wish to relive your same life if you could?

Yes, maybe to make better choices and to do a few things differently.

5.) If you could change the number of siblings you have, would you?

Yes I would. I was raised in a large family and I didn’t like it at all.

6.) Do you really have a favorite color, or are you just saying that you do? Really think about it. If you hadn’t been asked the question before you can remember, would you?

Yes, I do really have a favorite color BLUE!  🙂  It’s always been my favorite color. I don’t remember being asked this question in the past.

7.) Can you dance, beyond just shaking it up? Silly question really, but I am curious how many people have ever really learned how to dance?

No. I can’t dance.

8.) Name one thing you are afraid of, and why, If it doesn’t terrify you that is.

Public speaking! I’m not sure why??? Maybe, harsh criticism from those who hear what I say???

9.) Are you an adventurous or picky eater, and why do you think you ended up as such?

I’m somewhere in the middle. I enjoy trying new foods, but I have an allergy, so I need to be picky at times.

10.) Can you name a common place item from your lifetime that you think will disappear before you do? For instance, the dial telephone in mine.

I don’t know. I can’t think of anything right now.

11.) Do you like your name? Is it one you had to grow into love, or are you still irritated with your parents for giving it to you?

Kathleen is my name, but I would have preferred Katherine. Everyone calls me Kathy and I like that just fine. Rick and I had a foreign exchange student live with us for ten (10) months a few years ago and she couldn’t pronounce the “th” sound, so she called me Katie. That was fine, but I prefer Kathy. Of course, I would really prefer being called, Wonder Woman!!! *ahem* No, I’m not irritated with my parents for my name. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t like Kathy.

I’m suppose to tag eleven (11) people!!! YIKES!!! Belinda tagged anyone who wanted to participate. Mmmm. Good idea!  🙂   I tag the first eleven (11) people who read this.  🙂  Don’t be shy.

Now for my eleven (11) questions.

1.) Do you enjoy wearing hats? Why or why not?

2.) Do you enjoy singing? Have you ever sang publicly?

3.) When you have traveled, what was the strangest sight you have ever seen?

4.) Have you ever been to the Olympics as a spectator or participant?

5.) Do you collect anything? What do you collect?

6.) Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

7.) What is the furthest away from home you have ever traveled?

8.) Can you name all the Dwarves in The Hobbit? Go ahead and name them!  🙂

9.) If you had the opportunity to assist classic Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery, would you?

10.) Do you play a musical instrument? Which one?

11.) How long have you been blogging?


YAY! Check out themomfred and Rachel’s blog! I’m still having problems with my blog. The “like” doesn’t always connect and I can’t always leave comments, but I’m still here reading and enjoying your blogs. 🙂

Much love ~








2 thoughts on “Blue Sky Smiling

  1. Thanks Kathy, I always like to get to know my fellow bloggers better, and really liked your answer about time travel, it made me consider that question from a different view than I originally had.
    PS I can’t dance either.

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