The Counterfeit Heiress by Tasha Alexander


Estella Lamar is a famous adventurer, traveling the world, her exploits on the front pages of newspapers. One night she arrives at a masquerade ball, to the delight of many. However, Cecile, Estella’s closet friend encounters Estella at the ball and exposes her as a fraud. The imposter runs from the ball and later is discovered dead ~ murdered. Lady Emily, along with Colin, is attending the ball and soon find themselves investigating the murder of the mysterious imposter.

This book was so good. It grabbed my attention and held it. It is so captivating. As I read the story, I was with Lady Emily and Colin every step of the investigation. I knew I would never solve the mystery, so, I walked with them, gathering clues, finding evidence as they did. The book is so well written and well crafted. And! I love the cover art.

Lady Emily is a little unorthodox for the time. She examines dead bodies and investigates crimes scenes. Ladies didn’t do that! Shocking, I know! Colin is a take charge kind of guy. Him and Lady Emily work well together. Jeremy, a friend, is great. His bantering is fun and he helps solve the mystery any way he can. The mystery is creepy and the story moves along at a good pace. At the end of the book, when all is revealed, I was aghast. 5 ***** horrifying stars!!!

I will be reading books by this author in the future.



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