And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander


Lady Emily agreed to marry the Viscount Ashton, Philip, to escape her dreadful mother. Only six months after they are married, Lady Emily is a widow. Her husband, Phillip, passed away from a fever whilst he was in Africa. After his death, she discovers his journals and learns there is so much more to him, more than she realized. He was very much in love with Lady Emily and he was a scholar and he had an interest in antiquities. As a result of reading his journals and learning more about her late husband, Lady Emily finds herself involved in a mystery that involves stolen antiquities. The book is well researched.

I loved this book! If you decide to read the series, I recommend you read this book first. It will give you needed background into Lady Emily and Colin.

Lady Emily is a strong protagonist. She’s intelligent and she doesn’t scare easily. She isn’t interested in the dictates of society and has a tendency to shock people on a regular basis. Her mother is another story! Oh my. That woman . . .  🙂

I thought the story had a wonderful romantic atmosphere. And then, there’s mystery and travel. And I don’t want to forget the mysterious Colin.

There is a journal included in the story. I enjoyed reading Philip’s journal. I though it offered me a clear look into the man the reader will never meet.

5 ***** well-written stars!




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