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Hello Peoples! It’s the end of October!  🙂  The snow storm was a funny surprise, but it was a great month. I was walking to the bakery three days ago. I was in front of a home where there is a considerable amount of renovation happening. There was heavy equipment in the front yard and sidewalk, so I walked around it. When I took a step onto a pile of leaves, my foot was suddenly in wet concrete!!! I yelped and pulled my foot out of the mess. My shoe was half covered in gray concrete! One of the construction workers was on the roof of the house. I yelled up to him.

Me: Hello! I stepped in concrete! Do you have a water hose, so I can rise the concrete off my shoe?

Construction worker: Concrete??? We haven’t poured any concrete. It must be mud.

Me (laughing): Well, it looks like wet concrete. Do you have a water hose?

Construction worker: Yea. Walk around to the back of the house and tell the guys back there. They’ll help you out.

Me (laughing): OK. Thanks.

I walked around to the back of house, wondering how fast concrete dries. I was certain it was concrete, because of the color. We don’t have gray dirt!

When I arrived at the back of the house I said, raising my voice: “Hello. I stepped in concrete. Do you have a water hose? The guy on the roof said you have a water hose.”

Construction Worker Number 2: Concrete!!! We haven’t poured concrete!!! Yes, I do have a hose. Come on over here and I’ll clean your shoe.

Me (still laughing, pointing to my shoe): Does that look like concrete?

Construction Worker Number 2: It looks like what it is.

Me (a puzzled expression on my face): Mmm.

Construction Worker Number 3: Concrete!!! We didn’t pour concrete!!! Yes! Yes! Rinse off her shoe. We can’t allow a perfectly good walking shoe to be ruined.

As he spoke, construction worker number 2 was rinsing off my shoe. He then handed me a towel to wipe off my shoe and pant leg. When I finished, I thanked him and returned his towel to him. I walked around to the front of the house to continue my walk. Construction worker number 3 was putting a board over the wet concrete so no one else would step in it.

Construction Worker Number 3 (chuckling): No more mud pies. We can’t have you making a mess!

I laughed, thanked him and waved as I continued walking. The entire situation was so ridiculous I laughed the entire time. When I arrived at the bakery I told the owner about my concrete experience and he really laughed!!!  🙂

Construction time


Favorite Word ~ discombobulated 

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Hop, skip or jump on over and meet Amy. She’s a law student and she’s got herself a fun and interesting blog. She writes short stories, that are real life experiences, that make me smile and she posts photos at times. She does write a book review now and then.

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