Classic Movie Friday!

Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard

I Take This Woman (1931)

Carole Lombard   Gary Cooper

Kay Dowling (Carole Lombard) seems to enjoy creating scandals. She’s a wealthy New York socialite and her father (Charles Trowbridge) is tired of dealing with the scandals she creates. So, he sends her to the ranch in Wyoming until the current scandal blows over. When she arrives in Wyoming, she meets a tall, lean cowboy, Tom McNair (Gary Cooper). In the beginning, I don’t think they really like one another??? She gets this idea in her head that she’s going to make Tom fall in love with her. She is successful, however, she soon realizes she’s also in love with him. So, she remains in Wyoming and Tom and Kay are wed. He takes her to his ranch in the wilds of Wyoming and she has a difficult first year of marriage. She decides to return to New York and divorce Tom. During this tale of ~ the rancher and the wealthy gal ~ Kay’s father has his knickers in a twist and disinherits her. You might be able to guess the rest of the story. Tom travels to New York. She realizes she does love him and the couple return to Wyoming.

I liked it. It was a good film.  🙂  Of course, I can pretty much guarantee if Gary Cooper or Carole Lombard are in the film, I’m going to enjoy the movie.

Stay warm!  🙂  


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