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Hello Peoples! Friday, March 15th was my birthday! YAY! It was a good day. Rick and I went out for an early breakfast. I would rather go out for breakfast than any other meal, so, breakfast it was. The restaurants fill up fast for breakfast, so we went early. After our meal, we zipped on over to the bookstore. During the course of the day, I got many text messages and e-mails, all wishing me a Happy Birthday. I got birthday cards. Later in the day, I visited my favorite bakery for a hot chocolate and a good read. Well, I wasn’t going to tell the employees at the bakery it was my birthday. I didn’t want a big fuss. However, the girl who was working the computer was asking me so many specific questions about my day, I found it necessary to tell her it was my birthday. She shrieked, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The owner heard her and he wished me a happy birthday. Some random guy across the room wished me a happy birthday, etc. The owner gave me a FREE large hot chocolate!!! I thanked him profusely.  🙂  He said, it was my birthday chocolate! So good! I got flowers from an anonymous person??? The flowers are lovely and a helium balloon is attached.

The card says, “I hope you have a nice Birthday!! You are short. Just an FYI.” I laughed when I read it. I don’t know who sent the flowers, but I have an idea. Yes, I am short!  🙂

In the evening, someone gave me a fairy garden!!! Birthdays are fun.

pink balloon tied on white wooden chair

photo credit: unsplash

Our temperatures are warming up. It rained hard a few days ago and with the melting snow, we flooded. It was bad. There was water everywhere. The roads were blocked off and it was tricky getting around the water. During the night, the temperatures dropped and all that water froze! So, we had frozen water in the streets. The storm has passed and we are recovering. It was so nice yesterday I walked home from the bakery. It was so good to be out in the fresh air.

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