Ramblings And What Not ~ North Dakota

Hello Peoples! Rick and I Have been to North Dakota. We had a great trip. Our journey was delayed because we had a snowstorm, but when we finally did leave, the roads were clear and dry, however, everywhere else there was snow as far as the eye could see. We stopped in Fargo and spent the night at a very nice motel. We spent the evening watching Hannah Swensen mysteries on the Hallmark mystery channel. We also watched a cute romance with Sara Rue on the Hallmark channel. I have forgotten the name of the film, but she managed a community garden and a developer bought the property and was going to build condos. The next morning we were awake bright and early and on the road. We traveled just west of Bismarck to Cross Ranch State Park.

We were early visitors. No snow! The season hadn’t started yet, so we were the only guests in the park! Rick made reservations before we left home. The park Ranger was so fun. She was friendly and hospitable and answered all our questions. We stayed in a yurt! Our little yurt is named, Levis Yurt! It was warm and cozy. I enjoyed it. We had the cutest remote control fireplace. That little fireplace kept us warm. It was VERY windy! During the night, the wind blew hearty and it rained, but our little yurt stood strong!

The following day it was chilly but the wind was much calmer. We dressed warm. We saw plenty of white-tailed deer. We also saw wild turkey and pheasant. Our yurt was near the Missouri River. We think the park is on the migratory route for geese. Geese were flying in, honking and landing the entire time we were at Cross Ranch. It was great fun.

The following day we visited Fort Mandan. It’s a replica of the fort the Lewis and Clark expedition built. They spent the winter at Fort Mandan. We visited the Interpretive Center and we went on the tour. Everyone was hospitable and friendly, eager to answer questions. It was highly education and fun. I could prattle on and on telling you everything I learned on the tour! *haha* I will say, they had a pet on the expedition. He was a Newfoundland dog. His name was, Seaman. He belonged to Lewis. AND! Seaman made it all the way to the Pacific Coast and back again!

On the return trip home, we spent the night in Fargo and watched, Aurora Teahouse movies on the Hallmark Mystery Channel!

Have you ever heard of a yurt?

Much love ~




8 thoughts on “Ramblings And What Not ~ North Dakota

  1. What a unique adventure!!!! I actually have heard of yurts- I remember the exact class that we discussed them when I was in 10th grade ! I found them so fascinating. What a fun experience- thanks for sharing & let us live vicariously through youuu!

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