Classic Movie Friday!

Portrait in Black

Portrait In Black (1960)

Lana Turner   Anthony Quinn   Sandra Dee   John Saxon   Richard Baseheart

This was the first film I’ve seen with Lana Turner. It was good!

Sheila Cabot (Lana Turner) is married to a horrible man (Lloyd Nolan). He is ill, bedridden and will never recover. His doctor visits frequently to administer injections for pain. Sheila has a stepdaughter (Sandra Dee) and a son (Dennis Kohler). As a result of her brutal husband, Sheila is having an affair. When she can’t handle the stress of her marriage anymore and the weight of their affair is bearing down on the couple, Sheila and her lover plot to kill her invalid husband. After her husband’s passing, Sheila receives a letter, congratulating her on the success of the murder!!! WOW! As a result of the murder and the letter, everything starts to unravel and it unravels quickly.

From the beginning of the film, the viewer knows the identity of the killer. The mystery??? Who is writing and sending the baffling letter??? My question throughout the entire film ~ why aren’t there any blackmail demands??? Sheila never recived a blackmail letter, not once!!! Mmm.

Someone knows.

Highly recommend this film!



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