Border Son by Samuel Parker


A captivating story! It’s been six years since Ed has heard from his son Tyler. One day Ed receives a telephone call, from a woman, informing him his son needs him in Mexico. Then he receives a phone call from an FBI agent and he receives a visit from two unidentified men. Ed decides it’s time to drive to Mexico, locate his son and discover how he can help.

I normally don’t read this type of story, but when I saw it at the bookstore, I decided to read it for that very reason. It was different. The story is written at a good pace and held my attention. It was definitely difficult to put down. Toward the end, it became intense and I read the last chapter, before I continued on, to reassure myself everything turned out ok in the end. I really wanted Tyler and his dad to survive this ordeal. Ed, Tyler’s dad finds Tyler recovering from a gunshot wound, but the two really need to get out of Mexico, so, as soon as Tyler is able to handle the journey, they leave. The drug cartel is on their heals the entire trip, killing in their wake. These guys have no values, no conscience and no remorse. The descriptions of the deaths aren’t excessively graphic, but the reader will definitely know what has transpired. I do recommend this book, but it isn’t for everyone. 4 ****stars!


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