Ramblings And What Not ~

Hello Peoples! It’s summer! Bright sunshine! Warm temperatures! Warm breezes! Icy tea! I guess you knew that! *ahem* After church, I walked to the bakery and took a couple of photos. Surprise! I’ve mentioned the bakery several times as I blog, but I’ve never posted any photos.  The bakery is located in a historic building and it’s big. I really like it there. I can read for hours and no one will disturb me. The employees are wonderful!  🙂   They have great bakery items. Their oatmeal cookie is the best I’ve ever had and their brownie is decadent! They have great scones, muffins etc. Just click on the photo and it will get bigger.

I don’t drink coffee, but they have a espresso/coffee machine and will make any type of coffee you could possibly want. I always enjoy the hot, dark chocolate or the tea.

Above is a photo of the icy tea and chocolate cookie I enjoyed today whilst reading a book. Right now I’m reading, A Spy in Exile by Jonathan de Shalit. It’s espionage! It’s an interesting story and is certainly keeping my attention.


How is your summer? Are you a coffee drinker? Or, do you prefer tea?

Much love ~



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