Death in a Budapest Butterfly by Julia Buckley

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A Hungarian Tea House Mystery

Death of a Budapest Butterfly is a well-written story. Three strong Hungarian woman successfully operate Maggie’s Tea House. There are references to Hungarian fairy tales, which are very dark, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde throughout the mystery. I thought the author did a great job weaving together the Hungarian culture, superstitions, and fairy tales with a murder mystery. Once the murderous deed was done, Detective Erik Wolf had his work cut out for him, but he did a great job. He was a good investigator, especially with questioning suspects. Hana Keller, our aspiring sleuth, assisted Erik in any way she could. Of course, I understand the detective is good looking, so, I don’t think she suffered. There’s plenty of romance in the air!  🙂  Hana has a fun but quirky family, especially Grandma who is eccentric. I liked Domo, her brother. I thought the mystery was a little different, even creepy, but I can’t say I didn’t like it. 3 *** stars!

A BIG thanks to Berkley Prime Crime!  🙂

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Tari Hann


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