Good morning Peoples!

I woke up at 6:00 this morning! The house is so quiet. I can hear the very faint sound of traffic somewhere in the distance, but, other than that, it is quiet here.  🙂

Yesterday we had lumberjacks in our yard, trimming our trees. I like the word lumberjack. It’s such a fun word, it just sounds good. I watched them work from inside our house and I could hear almost everything they said. They were so comical. There were three guys and one guy actually looked like a lumberjack. He had a long beard and resembled a man who would have just come out of the forest! The talk between those three guys was hilarious. They bantered back and forth. It was entertaining. One guy was quite the tree climber. We have a big maple tree in our front and backyard. Every so often the trees need to be trimmed. They got the job done.

Snoopy with a mustache and chopping firewood.

It’s a beautiful morning, so I am going outside to putter, that’s right, putter in our backyard.

Have a great day.

Much love ~


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