30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 16

Hello Peoples! Are you a morning person? Do like waking up and watching the sun rise? Or, do you prefer sleeping until noon? Are you a night owl? Do you prefer watching the sun set or gazing at the stars?

I love the mornings. I’ve watched many multi-colored sunrise ~ peach, orange and yellow stretched across the morning sky. I enjoy brewing myself a cup of tea and sitting outside in the backyard enjoying the morning, while I sip on the hot brew. And! This seems to be a little different, but I enjoy building a fire in our backyard firepit in the mornings. Most people build fires in the evenings. I prefer mornings.

When I walk, I normally walk in the morning. So, I’m really a morning person. However, I know there are benefits to any time of day or night. One of my favorite times ~ Rick and I were camping in Nebraska. It was a clear night. We were awake in the middle of the night and the night sky was loaded with sparkly stars! Millions and millions of stars!

Much love ~


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