Classic Movie Friday!

Love Music Wine and Revolution: Leave Her To Heaven 1945

Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Gene Tierney   Cornel Wilde   Jeanne Crain   Vincent Price

Richard (Cornel Wilde) is a writer. While traveling he meets Ellen (Gene Tierney) a socialite. At the time they meet, she’s engaged to an attorney, Russell Quinton (Vincent Price). Richard and Ellen have an instant attraction, fall in love and marry suddenly. Ellen’s love for Richard is obsessive ~ to be sure. Richard has a brother, Danny (Darryl Hickman) who is handicapped. Danny and Richard are not only brothers but great friends. Danny does come to live with Richard and Ellen after they are married. However! Ellen wants Richard all to herself. She’ll do anything to make that happen. It’s shocking, the extent that Ellen will go to keep Richard to herself. She’s mentally ill!

I don’t really like courtroom drama, however, there is courtroom drama in this film and I thought, that was where Vincent Price did shine! I thought he was excessively harsh and harassing the witnesses, but he did a great job acting. I also thought it was inappropriate for him to be the prosecuting attorney. He was engaged to Ellen at one time. I have only seen a few movies with Vincent Price, but I thought this film was his best performance.


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