Classic Movie Friday!

Cary Grant and Jean Arthur -Only Angels Have Wings (1939) -- Howard Hawks

Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

Cary Grant   Jean Arthur

Bonnie Lee (Jean Arthur) is an American traveling abroad, going here and going there. She stops in Barranca, for a few hours, to have a look around where she is happy to meet some American flyers. They’re pilots who fly over the mountains in Peru to deliver the mail, or whatever is necessary. The flight over the pass isn’t safe. The elevation is 14,000 feet and it experiences a considerable amount of fog and bad weather. Geoff Carter (Cary Grant) is the manager and operates Barranca Airways with a strictness that was probably necessary considering the conditions the pilots were flying in. Bonnie falls in love with Geoff and decides to miss the boat and stay in Barranca. Geoff isn’t happy with her decision. He wants to remain in his dangerous life, flying over the mountains. The situation is plenty complicated, but when Bat McPherson (Richard Barthelmess) arrives with his wife Judy (Rita Hayworth) a difficult situation becomes even more tense. Bat was the cause of another man dying a few years earlier.

This film has a little of everything ~ loss, grief, fear, good friendships, happy times, concern for the safety of others and a whole lotta flying. I wasn’t sure I was going to like the movie when I started watching it, but I did. It was a good film. I love Jean Arthur. She’s a good actress. She’s so cute and I call her, the lady with the squeaky voice. She’s adorable. I can usually count on Cary Grant to do something funny.  🙂


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