Inside Stink!

Hello Peoples! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The weather has been warmer here, so, I have been outside walking. The sidewalks can be wet, icy and slushy but, I manage to get around the mess.  🙂

On occasion, I give my hair a protein treatment. Yes, there is such a thing. Your welcome.  🙂  I have one brand of protein I use on my hair but the shop where I purchase said protein doesn’t seem to carry the brand I use anymore. How rude! So, I bought a new brand. Well, new to me. I followed the directions on the package and used said treatment. It was going well. My hair felt GREAT! I liked this protein treatment much better than the previous treatment I used. I didn’t care for the scent though. Well! In the evening, I was watching a movie, when unexpectedly I was overwhelmed with STINK! It was terrible, horrible. I was appalled! As moments ticked by, the scent seemed to increase in terrible-ness. So, I scurried up the stairs and into the bathroom, where I quickly washed my hair in hopes of ridding myself of this terrible smell. When I finished, I walked quietly downstairs. The odor was much improved. *whew* I had occasional moments when I could still smell the odiferous stuff, so, I wore a winter knit hat to bed. That’s right, I did. I slept in a hat all night, in hopes the hat would cover the remaining smell. LOL!!!

The following morning I told Rick, I was inside stink! I still have moments when I can smell the ridiculous stuff.

PEANUTS on Twitter: "#tfw you are having a bad hair day.… "

Much love ~



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