Loose Leaf Tea

Hello Peoples! Rick and I drove out to the health food store to purchase a bag of loose leaf Assam tea. Assam is my favorite tea. Anyway, when we arrived, we entered the market and I walked to the back of the store where the tea was located. I measured it out into a little bag. The scales were missing, so I couldn’t weigh the tea, but from previous experience, I knew I had approximately $4.00 – $5.00 in tea. I walked to the friendly and funny cashier. She was a hoot! After I handed her the bag of tea, she entered the numbers into the computer for Assam tea. She had a puzzled expression and entered the numbers again. Still the puzzled expression, she called for help. Soon, there were four employees standing at her register with puzzled expressions on their faces. The computer said, my little bag of Assam tea was $35.00!!! She was laughing. She was hilarious. She looked at me and said,

“Do you think this little bag of tea costs $35.00???” She laughed.

I smiled and said, “No.” I was laughing too.

There were still four employees, chattering to one another, trying to discover why the computer was telling us the tea had such a hefty price attached to it. Our cashier was still laughing.

For some reason, the manager had an idea. He checked the monitor on the computer and discovered the problem. The monitor had fallen forward and was sitting on the scales that weighed the tea! We were reading the weight of the computer monitor, not the tea. Then, our cashier was really laughing. She kept the situation lighthearted! I like her. Our bag of Assam tea was $5.00.  🙂

tumblr_no429r5Q6z1rbud4zo1_500.gif (480×288)

Much love ~


5 thoughts on “Loose Leaf Tea

  1. Coffee is my first love but I do enjoy tea also. I don’t think I have heard of Assam tea before unless perhaps I know it by a different name. My favorite tea lately has been ginger turmeric licorice blends.

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